Greetings & Salutations: My Formal Introduction…

Good Day!

Well, this is the official first posting on this blog endeavor! With that said I guess an introduction is in order, right?

First of all my name is Prince. No, I am not named after the artist (Rest In Peace Prince Rogers Nelson) either. I’m actually going to write a post about the origin of my name so stay tuned for that.

To that end I’ve christened this blog “The Magical Beautiful Petty Black Prince” for a myriad of reasons. So I imagine the best way to introduce this blog would be to decipher its mission (which I am still figuring out, mind you) and go from there. The name itself came to me not quite out of the blue but it might as well have.

As you can already see I’ve incorporated my name into the title, as a double entendre of sorts, just to let you know that this blog will be about me (somewhat personal) and my thoughts, feelings, and opinions on a myriad of: views, issues, and circumstances. I love to come from a personal and oft-times humorous place whilst expounding upon my world view.

The “Magical” and “Beautiful” portions of the title were quite simple. In this year, 2016, as a Black Man (a Black Gay Man to boot. This blog will be viewed through the lens of that intersection by the way) I’ve seen and witnessed so much when it comes to the conundrum that is the black experience in a country like The United States. I’ve seen Black people, myself included, in lieu of the racist police murders of innocent Black: Men, Women, and Children, become more: proud, more aware, more self loving, more self involved, and more creative against the calamities that we face on a regular basis…Just for being Black in a racist country. Moreover, it continues to astound me how we, as a people, have not only survived–within the context of continuous anti-black terror–but also THRIVE in the midst of it. Through our: humor, creativity, resilience, intelligence (emotional, physical, and intellectual), and vibrant humanity, I’ve come to the conclusion that we are literally the most beautiful and UNIQUE people on the face of this entire planet.

And just to elaborate on the former point one day I was driving down the street, after work, and notice a group of black men at the bus stop. All of them were around my age (20’s- 30’s). Nothing was glaringly obvious about any of them until I just stopped to really look, really notice, and really appreciate what I was seeing. All of them were black men sporting either: dread locks, 360 waves, twists, Afros, Mohawks, or just regular kinky styles with various stages of facial hair. Most of them were dressed in T’s and Tank tops, revealing slender and muscular physiques. And more importantly each of them were just hanging out, laughing, High 5ing, and engaged in a wonderful moment of unabashed Black joy! It was just us being us and it was magical and beautiful. That is the type of moment that I’ve had with my friends, and I never realized how absolutely glorious us reveling in each other really is…

I Love Blackness.
I Love Black People.
I Love Myself.

I want this blog to be a reflection of that.

I will not only make this a space for the celebration of: Blackness, Black Joy, and Blackness in general but it will also–as stated before–the perspective of Blackness through the lens of a Gay Black Man. In discussions of Blackness the conversation is generally centered around Black Heteronormality, whereas the voices of the Black LGBT community continually goes unheard.

This blog will be me, once again, sharing my experience dealing with racism and homophobia, in addition to–once again–Blackness, Black Culture, and Black Joy.

Pretty much most of the things that I talk about will be quite specific to black culture, unless of course I do a personal posting which may have a theme of complete universality.

Oh, I am also an Atheist. Granted, while Atheists face discrimination, I am pretty apathetic about my irreligious nature.

I don’t believe in a god.

I don’t know if there is a god.

I don’t care if there is a god.

For the record I don’t care if you are a believer. I may not respect your belief but I respect your right to have it. Therefore, you will not see me ranting and raving about the evils of religion, just so long as you don’t try to shove your god down my throat.

All of that aside…

I’ve primarily rejoined the blogosphere (Ironically, 10 years ago, I had a WordPress blog entitled, “To My Friends: With Love…Sincerely, Prince Toddy English” that went defunct almost seven years ago. More on that later) because I wanted to get back into my writing. I am currently writing my own fantasy novel and writing a blog, I feel, will hold me accountable to really sticking with and by my muse (she’s a fickle bitch. Gotta entertain her at all times or else she leaves me lying cold and naked on the floor).

So hopefully I get readership but if not I am going to just keep writing until I do…

Oh, did I forget to mention that I am sooooooooooooper petty? Oh yes, I put the PET in the TEA, okay? I’ve tried very hard to change it over the years but now I’ve come to accept it as a natural component of my personality. You may, every once in a while, see a petty post but please just know that it’s just me being me.

Also, you will see: Beyoncé, Storm, Tina Turner, and Wonder Woman mentioned here on a regular basis. They are like my personal Holy Quatrilogy! Every gay man has a diva and Beyoncé is mine. I love her…so much. More than likely I will write a dedication post to her as well. =0)

On that note…

Welcome to my home.
I think this is gonna be great once I really get into it!





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