Kap So Black: I 100% Support Colin Kaepernick!


Allow me to preface this by stating that I have never seen a football game in my entire life. As a matter of fact the only two times that I’ve ever watched the Superbowl (well, three actually) is when Beyonce performed during The Halftime show! However, for the last couple of days, I’ve been rooting hard for the San Francisco 49ers because of the: tall, handsome, olive skinned, super soul brotha Afro wearin, Colin Kaepernick who is one part pro-baller and the other half revolutionary!

For those of you not in the know Colin Kaepernick has sparked controversy not seen since Michael Sam announced he was gay and would be playing (AND showering with) other NFL players (that never came to fruition, but Michael I am single. Call me!). My man Colin did something not done by any major athlete before him, seeing as most of them only care about endorsements and groupies (I’m looking right at you Michael Jordan, King COONta COONte’). Well, check that, the late great Muhammad Ali was bout it in his day; however, the current crop are normally apathetic about any and all things concerning the plight of people that look like them (and I am sure their masters are just fine with that).

That said Kaepernick took a bold and brave stance, within the context of a virulently anti-black society (The United States. Sorry, but having a Black President didn’t suddenly cure America of racism. It only exposed and exacerbated what was already there to begin with), in which Black people are just supposed to shut up, take it on the chin, and be thankful to be here, by sitting out during the chanting of the “National Anthem!” (please read about it HERE)

Due to the very real fact that The United States has done absolutely nothing to quell the anti-black violence continually perpetuated by the slave patrol (oh excuse me, The Police Force) Colin felt no need whatsoever to stand and salute the flag, nor celebrate a song (which was penned by Francis Scott Key, a racist pro-slavery aristocrat, who penned the song campaigning for the violent deaths of slaves fighting for their freedom. Don’t believe me? Read it HERE), that heralds American “exceptionalism” when it is anything but.

Oh Honey, the white folks are BIG Mad!

From the liars at FOX News to the imbeciles who will use their money to purchase a Colin Kaepernick jersey to burn it (Hello idiot? You still spent big money. That’s YOUR bad!). These same people who are the first ones to espouse the flag representing: Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, and Democracy are the FIRST ones to decry Black people (let’s face it white males can disparage the country however they like under the guise of being concerned patriots. Donald Trump’s entire campaign is about America supposedly becoming a 3rd world country under President Obama’s leadership. Yeah, this sack of shit has a chance of becoming President of The United States. Think about that for a second when his entire platform is predicated on racism and endorsed by the KKK) for exercising that privilege.

If anything, Colin Kaepernick is a super patriot because he is acting in accordance to the principals that this country is SUPPOSEDLY built upon. However, let’s not get it twisted, white people are only upset because this is a Black Man (no matter the fact that he was adopted by white parents) , a rich Black Man at that, forcing them to step outside their bubble of white privilege to face the rampant hypocrisy that has always exemplified this country. White people only hate racism when it isn’t in their face or Black people aren’t calling them to the floor for their hand in it. Unfortunately for those people this is the age of social media where EVERYONE has a voice.


Why should we, as Black people, feel any allegiance to that song? Why should we be forced to stand, hold our hands over our hearts, and pledge it when it’s principals were founded upon our collective devastation?

I remember, back in High School, that I always felt some type of way about having to stand for the national anthem every morning. I thought it was the dumbest thing in the world and I could never put my finger on why it was so ridiculous. Pretty soon, as I grew more conscious and self aware, I stopped putting my hands up and mouthing it altogether. I’d just stand there and roll my eyes for a minute before sitting back down. I’ve never felt any affinity for the song nor do I have any respect for what it represents.

My people are being ruthlessly gunned down in the streets, in their homes, and in jails, by those who are paid to “Serve And Protect.” How can I, in good conscience, stand and pretend like that is okay? Again, I am beyond tired of the lie of American exceptionalism when Police officers can murder black people and get paid administrative leave.
A murder conviction? Fuck that we are LUCKY if these murderers even get indicted and tried!

This is why I stand by Colin Kaepernick to the fullest. I couldn’t careless who it makes uncomfortable. As an American citizen I have the RIGHT to not pledge the flag or that STUPID song (because it is stupid, written in a dialect no one but those loathsome civil war re-enactors even speak anymore!). I am tired of pretending that The United States is not problematic when it comes to it’s Black Citizens.

Thank you Mr. Kaepernick for officially televising the revolution!

Now, I need to go to Amazon.com and buy me a jersey!



Ain’t his Afro glorious?! It is like a halo of hair! I want to get mine like that!

In addition…

Jerry Rice? Please go fuck yourself and cut your hair off while you’re at it. Your hairline is down to your adam’s apple.


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