Black Gold: Black Empowerment Anthems…

Black Gold

So this was the first song that I heard this morning and it made me feel absolutely sensational!

The song is entitled “Black  Gold” by Esparanza Spalding. Don’t get it twisted because this ain’t a song about oil in Texas. This is a song about the TRUEST Black Gold, Black People.

In a world that constantly devalues your worth because of your blackness it is always good to indulge counter-programming that affirms it.

Seriously, I feel even prouder of being black than I did five minutes ago!

With that said I think I’m going to make positive Black affirmations a regular feature on this forum.

I love Black people.

Black people are radiant.

I definitely want this to be a space where that magic is celebrated.

You are Black gold my people, truly.



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