I Hate Facebook: White Fragility, Zuckerberg’s RACIST Army of White “Bros,” & The Liberal White Conundrum.


So, I recall earlier this year Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg (or Mark Fuckerberg, my “affectionate” nickname for him), not only espousing his support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement but also calling out his racist employees (read it HERE) for continually crossing out the #BlackLivesMatter hash tag in favor of #AllLivesMatter on a communal company bulletin board.

On paper Zuckerberg’s gesture is a good one, unfortunately, his words ring hollow when you take into account that the majority of his employees are white racist tech geeks who take perverse glee in terrorizing the Black Facebook users who don’t coddle white sensibilities during a time of intense protest and civil rights activism.

As a matter of fact when it comes to Zuckerberg’s social media brainchild Black lives (well, Black VOICES at least) don’t matter what so fucking ever.Putting it bluntly Facebook’s mantra should be, “Placate White Fragility by any and ALL means necessary.” As the Twitter hash tags of senselessly murdered black bodies continues to mount (due to murderous police officers “In fear for their lives” from unarmed citizens), and Black users become more militant (whilst using Facebook as a vehicle to: connect, support, vent, and heal) and activist in

This is most likely a Facebook company picnic.

their rhetoric (myself included), Zuckerberg’s army of “Bros” are consistently there to remind us (through blocked accounts or as we affectionately call it, “Facebook Jail”) that, once again, black lives and voices don’t matter, especially if the rhetoric is offensive to: Buffy, Biff, and Becky. If you speak up against: racism, white supremacy, structural inequality, and any form of oppression, especially in regards to Black human kind, you risk having a miserable social media platform as The Facebook Bro Thugs are going to do every single thing that they can to ENSURE that you are silenced. If you’re black the sum of your page had better be: family photos, cats, and Soul Train YouTube clips. If not? Woebeit to you because you may wake up one morning, sans account access, and being told that your comment condemning the latest Thug In Blue, for murdering a black: man, woman, or child, has gotten you banned from the site for 24 hours.

I have Facebook friends, Black of course, who literally get banned from the site on a regular basis. While these friends create spaces designated for BLACK participation: Becky, Buffy, and Biff–due to not being the center of the narrative in black discussions (something that I’ve noticed white people have been socialized to believe. If they are not front and center in the narratives of Black people then something diabolical is amiss. But it’s DNA, Dem No good Ancestors. You gotta expect it)–troll the sites, go out of their way to find a reason to be enraged, and then start reporting postings just to get the Black users banned (in that way Facebook is like two-dimensional version of real life. You know when a black man is walking his poodle in his neighborhood and some racist haggard white crone calls the cops because, “Why is that NIGGER walking a dog in our neighborhood?! Oh George call the Police!” Of course the Black man walking his tiny dog is shot, killed, and blamed for his own murder because a white woman was scared? Yeah, that’s how Facebook works too, minus the bullets). Yep, happens all of the goddamn time and too much for it to just be merely a coincidence.

While Facebook continually chides, reprimands, and disciplines black users for even the slightest (in)offenses you will find numerous pro Donald Trump and White Supremacist Facebook pages, openly espousing anti black hatred, that are allowed to exist like a multitude of rancid festering abscesses on a sick cows ass.

At onetime I just labored under the delusional that Facebook employees were not actually reading the reports and just responding to whichever report was sent in. But then I began noticing trends.

Many of my Black Women friends were reporting racialized death and rape threats from white racist Facebook users only to be told, by the administrative team that, “This Comment Does Not Violate Community Standards.” One of the women that I knew actually had to take her complaint to the police and evening news because a male, a white male, inboxed her and described–in explicit horrifying detail–about how he would kidnap and rape her, and then watch her die. Again, Facebook did absolutely NOTHING until authorities intervened. In addition I have several activist friends (in the BLM movement and other movements as well) are banned regularly on the app even though their pages are private. No matter what they said no matter how salient and brilliant they are banned specifically because it offended white sensibilities (in forums that were NOT made for them in the first place).
So, via a whole lot of deductive reasoning, I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as Facebook’s staff resembles the cast of “Friends” the app itself will continue being a hostile anti black user zone, period.

Which brings me to my next point…

The conundrum that is the liberal white racist. First of all, and I know this will be hard, please repeat after me…

All White people are racist.


All White people are racist.

And for the charm…

All White people are racist.

Now, I am quite certain that I just offended everyone with that assertion (especially all of the coons); however, please take into consideration what I am about to say next so that when you hearken back on the previous point you’ll get it.

When I use the word “Racism” I don’t speak of it in terms of that antiquated and inconsequential Webster’s dictionary definition which implies that racism is simply a thought process (which of course it is, part and parcel) and personal character flaw. No, I speak of RACISM as what it actually is, a system predicated upon the phenomenon that is anti-Blackness, which is rooted in the transatlantic slave trade. Racism is not merely some Klan Member in a retarded looking costume or some redneck from Tuscaloosa, Alabama who’s favorite past time is listed as “Hatin Niggers” on his Facebook profile (of course he wouldn’t be reprimanded for that because we already know how Facebook roll). Racism, as a system, impacts Black people on a daily basis, even in ways that usually go unnoticed (by whites that is). So, rather than regale you with the details of structural racism I’ll leave you with this great piece from the Calgary Institute on the phenomenon.

That said ALL white people are racist because all white people benefit from white privilege which is a hallmark of structural racism. Whether you, as a white person, are aware of it or not you participate–daily–in a system that is anti-black, period. By default you are a racist because you are socialized, by this society, to disparage and other blackness (whether you want to believe it or not). Ergo, once you come to this conclusion you either have the choice to continue participating in it OR you can conduct your own anti-racist work on yourself.

What does this have to do with Facebook you ask?

Well, if you take into account that probably 95% of Facebook’s staff is white and other (by other I am meaning non Black) there is no way in hell that an army of racist white bros is going to take Black FaceBook’s concerns and complaints into consideration, ever. This is akin to having racist police officers “secure” black communities. It is impossible and their internalized racism will govern how they react to their charges, period. Again, all white people are racist and my guess is that, perhaps, three percent of them are actively engaged in coming to terms with their own racism. To that end when you have a team of administrators who only care about protecting poor wittle defenseless whypeepo feeeewings then you get that abysmal catastrophic mess that is Facebook’s platform.

To that end I deactivated my account, after I cursed out a Facebook employee, two weeks ago and I don’t miss it one bit. I’ve replaced it with other social media outlets and my life has gone on. I implore other Black people do the same. You should not have to deal with that level of lunacy when there are other outlets.

Fuck you Facebook, entirely.

Fuck the shitty lay out.

Fuck the inept security.

Fuck the ENTIRE Facebook team.

I ain’t want to tarry where I ain’t wanted, ever.






One thought on “I Hate Facebook: White Fragility, Zuckerberg’s RACIST Army of White “Bros,” & The Liberal White Conundrum.

  1. While the author raises some valid points, I think whites are not crackers and neither are black “coons”.

    American slave owning whites or the colonial English and Europeans don’t cover the entire white race and thus, not ALL white can be racist. African tribal leaders willingly sold African slaves… even though 99% of the guilt of the trans-atlantic slave trade rests solely on the Anglo-Americans who profited from the slave trade and instituted “black slavery” in their colonies and yes .. American is a colony and not a country.

    Facebook is not all white, it consists of Asians and especially Indian workers who in the racist American system and paid less than their white counterparts even though they do the job better…. and are hired because of it. The colonial practise of second class salary to Indians needs to be stopped.

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